Tourist attractions in Prissiano, Merano and surroundings

The plateau of Tesimo/Prissiano was populated in St. Hippolyt already in the prehistoric times. The Langobards and the Romans settled here and nowadays many buildings, old castles and fortresses testify their ancient presence. These can still be visited together with other museums in the neighbourhood. If you are a museum-fan, you should not miss to visit the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano or one of the Messner Mountain Museums all over South Tyrol.

An other must is the labyrinth garden at the Kränzelhof in Cermes by Lana. This Medieval farmyard is surrounded by vineyards and gardens.

The view encompasses the valley floor and the alpine giants of the Sarntal Alps. Once a summer playground for the nobility, Tesimo and Prissiano are now popular excursion destinations.

Different non-expensive busses bring you to Merano and Bolzano, to the majestic Dolomites or the enchanting Garda Lake or even to Verona.

The thermal resort of Merano

If you like culture and shopping, you have found the perfect location: Merano!

Merano, like any spa resort town that has its roots in the mid-nineteenth century, is graced with promenades. Put together with the other city pathways, Merano’s promenades total 18 kilometres in length. They were built in different styles depending on the era of design.

The Merano Thermal Baths with its wonderful pool and exclusive spa treatments are a balm for body and soul. The chic portici arcades unite the joy of shopping and the charm of the Belle Epoque with a cultural experience.

The unique botanical gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff are located just east of Merano/Meran feature a pond, boardwalks, pavilions, and countless flowers and plants from around the globe. The celebrated Empress Sissi once resided there when she came to Merano for health treatments. Today, the castle houses the Touriseum, a museum that traces the history of tourism in South Tyrol in a compelling and entertaining way. The Touriseum challenges visitors not to just observing, but to participate actively.


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The provincial capital city: Bolzano

Thanks to its double perspective, Bolzano is able to mesmerize tourists who come from all over. Its two lifestyles, one Northern European and the other more Mediterranean, combine to make the perfect union, which can be clearly seen in the historic and artistic treasures of this city. For centuries, Bolzano has been the privileged centre of commercial exchanges between Italy and Germany. Today, the capital of Alto Adige has become a cosmopolitan city that knows how to be lively, cheerful, modern and yet refined all at the same time!

The presence of Central Europe and Mediterranean traditions is most evident in Alto Adige cuisine, as well as in delicacies from Bolzano.

In Bolzano, the landscape offers just the right compromise between living space and greenery. The city offers numerous trails for those who wish to take a walk without getting to far away from the centre; at the same time, more expert excursionists can take advantage of one of the three cable cars available to take you to the plateaus that surround the capital. Here, nothing can beat nature!

What better way to appreciate the culture than by checking out some of the numerous events that Bolzano puts together? Just think of the flower festival in spring, Bolzano in the summertime, the South Tyrol Jazz Festival and so many other events.

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